Serra-Palao, Pablo

Pablo Serra-Palao is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Murcia, Spain. His research interests expand across environmental law and animal law fields, with special emphasis on exploring alternative approaches that could combine both ecological and animal concerns. He always tries to capture the relevance of embracing an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the most pressing issues of the Anthropocene, including the conclusions brought by environmental and animal ethicists. In addition, he is convinced that bioethics and biolaw have a lot more to say about these pressing issues, so he is also interested in the role that this subfield of applied ethics and this novel —and holistic— legal discipline could play.

As a result of being involved with environmental and animal issues, his publications cover diverse topics, such as the legal recognition of the crime of ecocide, the interlinkages between ecosystems’ vulnerability and ecological integrity or companion animals’ access to health care.

Regarding his doctoral research, Pablo aims to analyse the potential of a legal framework based on future generations’ well-being: what it implies for certain customary principles and concepts of environmental law (especially the precautionary principle, the notion of uncertainty or the duty of care) and for popular regulatory tools such as the environmental impact assessments.

He holds an LL.M. in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Diplomatic School of Spain, an LL.M. in Biolaw from the University of Murcia and an LL.B. from the same university. Pablo is also a member of the Centre for Biolaw, Ethics and Health Studies (CEBES), and of the Red ECOVER.

Since November 2020 he is Associate Editor of Journal.

A fairly complete list of his publications can be found on ResearchGate and

His Twitter account: @pserrapalao