Verschuuren, Jonathan


Professor of International and European Environmental Law, University of Tilburg, The Netherlands

Jonathan’s research mainly focuses on the role of international and EU environmental law in legal practice. Current research focuses on climate change, particularly adaptation. He is currently involved in research into the legal conditions that have to be met in order to help society adapt to the changing climate in the coming decades. In 2011, he spent six months at the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law in relationship to this research. In the recent past, Jonathan researched the application of the Wetlands Convention on transboundary wetlands, involving case studies, in which actual application of the concepts of legal pluralism and cooperative governance in practice were being studied. Jonathan has written more than 200 publications in the field on environmental law, include many articles in outstanding refereed journals throughout the world.

Some of his research themes: Climate change, adaptation, European and International Environmental Law, Environmental Law, Environmental Justice, Wild Birds and Habitats Directives, Wetlands Convention, precautionary principle, codification, globalisation and the environment, corporate social responsibility and environmental law, water law, transboundary cooperation.

Principal publications


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