Draft Climate Rights Declaration

Draft Climate Rights Declaration

The Draft Climate Rights Declaration combined new thinking and existing international human rights law to present an alternative formulation of rights that foregrounds human rights while simultaneously protecting the rights of non-human living beings and systems from climate harms. Following an open process for suggesting amendments, which drew comments from people all over the world, the Draft Declaration has now been superseded by the Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change.

(The open process for suggesting amendments to the Draft Declaration ended on 19th February 2016).

The Draft Declaration is available in a range of languages.

To view them, simply roll your mouse cursor over the ‘Draft Climate Rights Declaration’ listing on the menu (in green on the left hand side of this page). A list of currently available languages will appear.

A list of the initiating drafting group and the Draft’s endorsers, both individuals and organisations is available via the links below.
Initiator Drafting Group
Endorsers of the Draft Declaration
The Draft Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change is part of the rise of convergent energies and initiatives to bring human rights and climate change together. Below are some notable alternative drafting efforts by other groups:
St Julian’s Declaration on Climate Justice (Issued by the Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions)
The French Declaration of Humankind’s Rights
The Oslo Principles on Global Climate Change Obligations