The Contribution of Human Rights as an Additional Perspective on Climate Change Impacts in the Pacific (S. Tully)

Author(s) Stephen Tully Keywords Climate Change, Human Rights, Climate Impacts, United Nations, Pacific Islands, Resettlement, International Humanitarian Law, International Environmental Law, Environmental Refugees Abstract The adverse impacts of climate change include temperature variations, lost biodiversity and more frequent extreme weather events. In particular, low-lying Pacific Island countries and territories will be inundated if predicted sea […]

Human Rights Violations and Climate Change: The Last Days of the Inuit People? (S. Nuffer)

Author Sarah Nuffer Keywords human rights violations, climate change, Inuit, Arctic, vulnerability, responsibility, future generations, United Nations, native groups, indigenous people Excerpt INTRODUCTION The climate is changing. There is little debate left with regard to this statement. However, the world is still grappling with what exactly this change means. The Secretary General of the United […]

Human Rights Obligations and Accountability in the Face of Change (M. Limon)

Author(s) Marc Limon Keywords small island developing states, climate change, international human rights, obligations, accountability, global warming, vulnerable people Abstract In November 2007, Small Island Developing States, meeting in the Maldives, adopted the Male’ Declaration on the Human Dimension of Global Climate Change.’ The declaration laid down a roadmap for actions within the UN system […]

International Legal Avenues to Address the Plight of Victims of Climate Change: Problems and Prospects (T. Koiturova)

Author(s) Timo Koivurova Keywords climate change, international environmental law, vulnerability, ecology, climate regime Abstract This Article argues that the current structure of international law makes it unlikely that victims of climate change will find justice through international legal proceedings. Part I examines the various international legal proceedings that could provide recourse for victims of climate […]

Editorial – The discourse of ‘biocultural’ rights and the search for new epistemic parameters: moving beyond essentialisms and old certainties in an age of Anthropocene complexity? (A. Grear)

Author(s) Anna Grear Keywords climate change, biocultural rights, essentialism, antropocene discourse, climate vulnerability, epistemic parameters Abstract There can be little doubt of the multiple complexities facing law in the twenty-first century. Climate change alone presents a challenge of unprecedented global complexity for legal systems – a complexity arising, moreover, directly from the ‘complexity of the […]