A Global Environmental Right (S. J. Turner)

Author Stephen J. Turner Keywords Environmental Rights, Global Environmental Governance, Constitutional Law, Company Law, Trade Law, Non-State Actors, Climate Change Law Abstract The development of an international substantive environmental right on a global level has long been a contested issue. To a limited extent environmental rights have developed in a fragmented way through different legal […]

Environmental Justice, Human Rights, and the Global South (C. G. Gonzalez)

Author(s) Carmen G. Gonzalez Keywords human rights, right to a healthy environment, environmental justice, Third World Approaches to International Law, TWAIL, North-South divide, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, colonialism, development, transnational corporations, Maastricht principles, extraterritoriality Abstract From the Ogoni people devastated by oil drilling in Nigeria to the Inuit and other indigenous populations threatened by […]

Note, The Nigerian Tragedy, Environmental Regulation of Transnational Corporations, and the Human Right to a Healthy Environment (J. P. Eaton)

Title Joshua P. Eaton Keywords Nigeria, transnational corporations, environmental regulation, human right to a healthy environment Abstract “I. Introduction The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed an unprecedented expansion in the number of corporations operating beyond their national borders. By 1990, nearly 37,000 transnational corporations (TNCs) existed in the world. This figure continues […]

Cross-National Environmental Injustice and Human Rights Issues: A Review of Evidence in the Developing World (F. O. Adeola)

Author Francis O. Adeola Keywords global environmental injustice, human rights violations, transnational toxic waste trade, natural resources, environmental justice, underdeveloped nations, Ogoni People, international norms, authoritarian regimes Abstract This article focuses on the issues of environmental injustice and human rights violations across nations. Using existing documents, the patterns of the transnational toxic waste trade and […]

Climate justice: the claim of the past (S.J. Humphreys)

Author Stephen. J. Humphreys Keywords Climate justice, rule of law, trade law, human rights, colonialism, globalization, Walter Benjamin Abstract This synthetic appraisal of the collection of papers in this issue argues that historical injustice saturates the problem of climate change. Those most vulnerable to climate change today are largely those who already lack resources – […]