Seeking environmental justice in North Maluku: how transformed injustices (L. D’Hondt)

Author Laure D’Hondt Keywords Environment; Human rights; Access to justice; Environmental protection; Indigenous peoples; Indonesia ; Mining Abstract Discusses the findings of research exploring community perceptions of environmental injustice and access to redress at the Kao-Malifut area of North Maluku , Indonesia , the site of gold mining activities. Outlines the chronology of the justice […]

Conscience and Interest: Law, Rights, and Politics in the Struggle to Confront Climate Change and the New Poverty (P.L. Joffe)

Author Paul L. Joffe Keywords Global warming, sustainable development, international community, global public goods, politics, public interest, climate change, norms and morality Abstract In this article, I first explain how global warming has transformed the struggle to end global poverty and to achieve sustainable development. I suggest that the new situation creates special challenges due […]

Environment and Citizenship (M.J. Smith and P. Pangsapa)

Author(s) Mark J. Smith and Piya Pangsapa Keywords Environmental and ecological citizenship, environmental justice, risks, environmental movements Abstract This timely book outlines the debates on environmental and ecological citizenship that have emerged out of the concern with environmental justice since the 1990s. The book demonstrates how awareness of environmental hazards, injustices and new forms of risk […]