Humanitarian Law, Protection of the Environment, and Human Rights (N.A.F. Popovic)

Author(s) Neil A. F. Popovic Keywords Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, Environmental Destruction, Armed Conflict Excerpt Notwithstanding the relevance of international human rights to wartime environmental destruction, the international community tends to deal with war-related environmental harm through the modalities of humanitarian law. Although humanitarian law extensively regulates the conduct of war, that framework has […]

Globalization, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Development: The Case of Oil (Hymel)

Author Monica L Hymel Keywords Energy, environment, tax, oil, environmental justice, sustainable development Abstract As globalization expands, poverty abounds, the environment suffers, and scientists warn of the devastation to come as earth’s temperature rises. Likewise, the last century has seen a dramatic increase in the human lifespan and life comforts. People travel the world with […]

Climate Change, Human Rights and Moral Thresholds (S. Caney)

Author(s) Simon Caney Keywords frameworks, impacts of climate change, human rights-centered analysis, cost-benefit, security-based analyses, right to life, right to health, right to subsistence, ethics, anthropogenic climate change, violation of rights, policy, mitigation, adaptation, compensation, international relations, vulnerability Abstract EXTRACT: “I argue that: 1. Climate change jeopardizes some key human rights. 2. A “human-rights”-centered analysis […]

Cultivating cacao Implications of sun-grown cacao on local food security and environmental sustainability (J.M. Belsky and S.F. Siebert)

Author(s) Jill M. Belsky and Stephen F. Siebert Keywords Cacao, Cocoa, Conservation, Food security, Indonesia, Shade-grown tree crops Abstract The reasons why upland farmerson the Indonesian island of Sulawesi areengaged in a cacao boom and its long termimplications are addressed in the context ofprotected area management regulations, andpolitical and economic conditions inPost-Suharto, Indonesia. In the […]

Biosecurity Reconsidered: Calibrating Biological Threats and Responses (G.D. Koblentz)

Author Gregory D. Koblentz Keywords Security, biological threats, biosecurity, risks, research, prevent, response Abstract Advances in science and technology, the rise of globalization, the emergence of new diseases, and the changing nature of conflict have increased the risks posed by naturally occurring and man-made biological threats. A growing acceptance of a broader definition of security […]