The Rights of the Nonhuman World (M. A. Warren)

Author(s) Mary Anne Warren Keywords Environmental ethics, Environmental protection, Human ecology, Nonhuman world, rights Abstract None available. Citation R. Elliot and A. Gare, eds. 1983. Environmental Philosophy: A Collection of Readings. pp. 109-134 Book Environmental Philosophy: A Collection of Readings

Hunting not comparable to religious belief and hunters not an ethnic group (H.L. MacQueen, et al)

Author(s) Hector L. MacQueen and Scott Wortley Keywords Human rights, Freedom of expression, Freedom of thought conscience and religion, Hunting, Right to respect for private and family life, Scotland Abstract  Comments on the House of Lords ruling in Friend v Lord Advocate on whether the restrictions on hunting in the Protection of Wild Mammals ( Scotland ) […]

In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization (M. Blaser, et al)

Editor(s) Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit and Glenn McRae Keywords Indigenous Peoples, Development, Paraguayan Indigenism, Yshiro People‘s Life Projects, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Sustainable Development, Animal Partners, Grassroots Transnationalism, Great Whale Campaign, States, Markets, Civil Society, Canada, Native/Non-Native Alliances, Mining Corporations, Chilean Economic Expansion, Mega-Development Project, Mapuche Territories, Hydroelectric Development, Bío-Bío River, Anthropology and Human Rights, […]

Wild Law: The philosophy of Earth Jurispudence (P.D. Burdon)

Author Peter D. Burdon Keywords Wild Law, Earth Jurisprudence, Rights of Nature, Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy Abstract Wild law or Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging theory of law and governance that seeks to evolve law in a fashion that recognises our relationship to the broader Earth community. In this article, the author introduces and articulates some […]

Indian Treaty Fishing Rights and Habitat Protection… (M.C. Blumm and J.G. Steadman)

Author(s) Michael C. Blumm and Jane G. Steadman Keywords Indian law, environmental law, Indian treaties, Indian fishing, land use, salmon, habitat protection Abstract In the mid-nineteenth century, as the pace of American westward expansion accelerated and tension between white settlers and indigenous tribes mounted, the federal government convinced many Pacific Northwest tribes to enter into […]