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GNHRE scholar wins prestigious IUCN Academy prize

GNHRE scholar wins prestigious Junior Scholarship Prize from the IUCN Academy

Professor Louis Kotze, a key member of the GNHRE network and an Assistant Editor on the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment was honoured with the prestigious Junior Scholarship Prize at the recent IUCN Academy Annual Conference.  Louis is Professor of Law at North West University, South Africa.


Salutory Lesson Given to Multinationals by Leigh Day and Co, Solicitors

Leigh Day and Co, Solicitors, Announce a Salutory Lesson to Multinationals Operating in Developing Countries

Under the headline ‘Peruvian Torture Claimants Compensated by UK Mining Company’, Leigh Day and Co announced the good news that legal proceedings by 33 Peruvians against UK-based Monterrico Metals PLC have been settled by compensation payments, without admitting liability.  Speaking for Leigh Day and Co, Richard Meeran said “Our clients suffered deplorable mistreatment and were denied justice in Peru. This was an extremely costly exercise for Monterrico and constitutes a salutary lesson to multinationals operating in developing countries.”

The full story is available here

Shanta Martin, who works at Leigh and Co, is featured on the ‘researcher profiles’ tab of the GNHRE web pages.


GNHRE member, Barrister Polly Higgins’s ‘ecocide’ concept explored in ‘mock’ ecocide trial at the UK Supreme Court

Polly Higgins, famous Barrister and tireless campaigner for nature’s rights, has proposed that ecocide (the environmental equivalent of genocide) should be designated as the 5th International Crime against Peace.  The Hamilton Group recently organised a mock trial in the UK Supreme Court, the outcome of which was a great endorsement of her concept and its potential for further developing criminal accountability for environmental harms.

A link to the Guardian newspaper and its coverage of the trial can be found here