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Professor Lorraine Code at Te Piringa – Faculty of Law, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Professor Lorraine Code, author of Ecological Thinking: The Politics of Epistemic Location will be speaking at Te Piringa – Faculty of Law, in New Zealand, in March. These events are co-hosted by the GNHRE and the Faculty.  There are two events:  A symposium: ‘Ecological Epistemologies: Moving Beyond the Monocultural Imaginary’ and a public lecture: ‘Care, Concern and Advocacy: Is There a Place for Epistemic Responsibility?’.


Public lecture



Closure of International Council for Human Rights Policy


Closure of International Council on Human Rights Policy:

A message from the Chair of the Executive Board

The Executive Board has very reluctantly taken the decision to close the ICHRP at the end of February. This is primarily due to continued financial difficulties, largely a result of the difficult funding climate, especially for human rights and even more so for human rights policy research. It is especially regrettable because for more than a decade the ICHRP stimulated co-operation and exchange across the non-governmental, governmental and inter-governmental sectors, and strove to mediate between competing perspectives. ICHRP’s intellectual autonomy, its willingness to engage with complexity, readiness to risk breaking boundaries of discipline and practice, commitment to rigour and collaboration will continue to render ICHRP’s work, approach and contributions relevant for many years to come.

Preserving a Rich Legacy

A new ICHRP web archive will ensure that the fruits of 35 major multi-disciplinary research initiatives, including all reports, summaries, translations and nearly 200 working papers, covering a wide range of policy issues, will continue to be freely accessible for the benefit of researchers, policy makers, human rights practitioners and others.

In addition, a publicly accessible archive of all materials pertaining to ICHRP’s history and founding, operations over the years, drafts, research materials and communications will soon be available at the library of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva

Despite the financial challenges, the last 12 months or so have been a very dynamic period during which the Secretariat under the leadership of Vijay Nagaraj led the way in finalising a new strategic plan, initiating new research, completing and publishing older projects, and engaging in a series of outreach initiatives, including through a greatly enhanced web and electronic communications strategy. Indeed, the Secretariat has just published two new important reports, one on redefining approaches to evaluating human rights work and another on sexuality and sexual health in the European region.

We are very thankful to all of you who made the work of the ICHRP possible: present and former members of the Council and Board; advocates, scholars and other experts who participated in our work; our partners and donors; and most of all the wider community of human rights activists.  We express our special thanks to former and current staff at the Secretariat, which was always the engine room of the organisation.

 Emma Playfair




CLIMsystems Receives 2011 CCBJ Business Achievement Award for Climate Change Adaptation Technology

GNHRE partner, CLIMsystems has been recognised by the Climate Change Business Journal as a leading innovator of climate change risk and adaptation assessment tools and associated services. CLIMsystems has sold and applied its industry leading SimCLIM software system across a range of geographies and sectors. It clients include major consulting companies such as CH2M HILL and government agencies in countries such as Vietnam. International Financial Institutions like the Asian Development Bank are drawing on expertise at CLIMsystems for the creation of a leading edge software tool called GENIES (Global Environment and National Information Evaluation System) for climate change risk assessments and cost-benefit studies of adaptation options. The full report can be read here.



New GNHRE/JHRE Book Series ‘Interrogations’

GNHRE is delighted to announce that Edward Elgar Publishing and the GNHRE will be working on a new GNHRE/JHRE book series, ‘Interrogations’.

This timely and provocative series will consist of relatively short (70,000 – 100,000 word) monographs on themes related to the field of human rights and the environment – delivering a set of critical, engaging reflections aimed at taking no assumption for granted, while offering imaginative new approaches to the subjects under review.

Suggestions for themes are invited.  Indicative examples of subjects/titles include: interrogating ecoysystem services; interrogating sustainable development; interrogating rights-based approaches; interrogating epistemologies; interrogating multilevel governance, interrogating ‘the environmental’, interrogating vulnerability – and the like.

Please send initial suggestions for titles in the series to