Human Rights and the Environment: Problems and Possibilities (D. Shelton)

Author Dinah Shelton Keywords Human Rights, Environmental Protection, Economic Incentives and Disincentives, Regulatory Measures, Criminal law,  Private Liability Regimes Abstract In the space of one week in the second half of August, 2007, two non-governmental organizations, an intergovernmental organization, a leading US law school, a major foundation, and the government of a small island developing […]

David Bollier, Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons – Book Review (A. Grear)

Author Anna Grear Keywords business as usual, collective commons, commoners, digital commons, dispossession, market, neoliberal ideology, norms, property rights, urban food production, values Abstract At a time when there is widespread disillusionment with ‘business as usual’, attention is turning, thanks in part to the high-profile publication of books such as Jeremy Rifkin’s, The Zero Marginal […]

Herd mentality and oil prices: implications for sustainability

Author Hosein Piranfar Keywords Oil prices, herding and diminishing resources, sustainable alternative energy Abstract Despite the current volatility (early 2007), oil prices have experienced a persistently upward trend since 2004. By examining the cascading and stochastic models of herding, the paper looks at the role of herding and diminishing resources behind the volatility and rapid […]

Climate change and REDD+: property as a prism for conceiving Indigenous peoples’ engagement (K. Birrell, L. Godden and M. Tehan)

Author(s) Kathleen Birrell and Lee Godden and Maureen Tehan Keywords Carbon markets, Indigenous peoples, forest subsistence, REDD+, co-option, neo-colonialism, competing property conceptions Abstract The rapid emergence of carbon markets internationally, and rising concerns about the impact of such schemes on Indigenous and local community interests, rights and traditional knowledge, present a strong need to examine […]