The UN Security Council and New Threats to the Peace: Back to the Future (K. Wellens)

Author Karel Wellens Keywords Security Council, new threats, international law, natural resources, human rights, humanitarian law Abstract The purpose of this article is to explore the corridors of reasoning of the council in its determination of new threats to the peace after the end of the Cold War and to identify the potential impact of […]

International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Environmental Security (M.A. Drumbl)

Author Mark A. Drumbl (Washington & Lee University, USA) Keywords Environment, Armed conflict,International humanitarian law, International law, Criminal punishment Abstract Creating mechanisms to promote individual accountability has become a focal point of activity for international lawyers. This activity has, among other things, led to the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. […]

Principles of international environmental law (P. Sands)

Author Philippe Sands QC Keywords Legal and international frame work, governance, regulation, compliance, human rights and armed conflict, climate change, pollution, Aarhus Convention, access to information, dispute resolution Abstract This book is a comprehensive overview of the principles of international environmental law and includes a chapter on human rights and armed conflict whilst including other […]