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GNHRE & ELGA WEBINAR: Feminist and Queer Approaches to Environmental Law and Rights

In collaboration with the Ecological Law and Governance Association, the GNHRE hosted a webinar on Feminist and Queer Approaches to Environmental Law & Rights featuring a fantastic panel of speakers and topics: Emily Jones (Essex) – “Posthuman Feminism and the Rights of Nature” Atieno Mboya Samandari (Emory) – “Ecofeminist Approaches to Climate Change” Ellen Spannagel (McGill) […]

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The Human Rights Council urges States to realize the rights of the child through a healthy environment

Maria-Antonia Tigre and Victoria Lichet The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), an inter-governmental body made up of 47 States responsible for promoting and protecting human rights worldwide, held its 45th session from September 14th until October 7th, 2020, at the UN Office in Geneva. The UNHRC concluded its session after adopting 35 resolutions, including […]