Indigenous Rights and the Environment: Evolving International Law (C. Metcalf)

Author Cherie Metcalf Keywords indigenous rights, international law, international environmental law, environmental rights, cultural integrity model, self-determination, recognition, autonomy, state sovereignty, participation, sustainability, sustainable environmental management Abstract This paper explores the relationship between indigenous peoples’ rights in international law and international environmental law. Two models underlie the protection of indigenous environmental rights. A “cultural integrity” […]

Maori Cultural Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand: Protecting the Cosmology that Protects the Environment (C. J. I. Magallanes)

Author(s) Catherine J. Iorns Magallanes Keywords environment, indigenous, Maori, Waitangi, personality, Waikato, Whanganui, Te Urewera, reparations, human rights Abstract This paper first addresses indigenous beliefs about humans’ relationship with nature and thus their place in the world, and how the indigenous cosmology contrasts with the dominant and prevailing Western and liberal ideas. The paper next […]

Bringing Local Voices to the Global Negotiation Table: Norm Dissemination and Consensus Building on Tropical Forests and Climate Change (M. G. Rodrigues)

Author(s) Maria G. Rodrigues Keywords transnational advocacy networks, norm dissemination, Amazonia, Brazil, REDD + , climate change Abstract Initially rejected by the parties to the Kyoto Protocol, efforts to protect tropical forests are now an accepted strategy to mitigate the impact of climate change. Inspired by long-standing demands of Amazonia’s forests peoples, the notion of […]

The Right to be Cold: Global Warming and Human Rights (M. Wagner)

Author(s) Martin Wagner Keywords Climate Change, Human Rights, Indigenous People, Inuit, The Right to Be Cold, Cultural Rights Excerpt The relationship between global warming and human rights is something that is beginning to be talked about now, but six or seven years ago no-one had made the connection.  I am going to explore the relationship […]

Human Rights Violations and Climate Change: The Last Days of the Inuit People? (S. Nuffer)

Author Sarah Nuffer Keywords human rights violations, climate change, Inuit, Arctic, vulnerability, responsibility, future generations, United Nations, native groups, indigenous people Excerpt INTRODUCTION The climate is changing. There is little debate left with regard to this statement. However, the world is still grappling with what exactly this change means. The Secretary General of the United […]