Iraq: Water, Water Nowhere (M. Chulov)

Author Martin Chulov Keywords Drought, Iraq , dry river beds, salt flats, water, dams, river diversion, war, water management, migration Abstract The Guardian’s Baghdad correspondent, Martin Chulov, brings to life Iraq’s latest plague: drought. In southern Iraq, once the lavishly, fabled Garden of Eden, Chulov walks the dry river beds and salt flats that were […]

Middle Eastern and North African Hydropolitics: From Eddies of Indecision to Emerging International Law (E. Burleson)

Author Elizabeth Burleson ( University of South Dakota , USA ) Keywords International Water Law, Groundwater, Aquifer, The Palestinian Authority, Israel, Middle East and North Africa, Conflict Resolution, Water Scarcity, Reasonable and Equitable Water Utilization, Joint Water Management, Adaptable Co-riparian Cooperation, United Nations, Dispute Resolution Abstract The death of Yasser Arafat, removal of Saddam Hussein, […]

When Ambiguity in Treaty Design Becomes Destructive: A Study of Transboundary Water (I. Fischhendler)

Author Itay Fischhendler (HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem) Keywords Water, ambiguity, natural resources, regulate, management, environmental regimes, destructive, conflict Abstract Ambiguity has a clear role in facilitating closure in negotiations to regulate natural resources. However, there are no empirical studies that examine whether such “constructive ambiguity” can in fact become destructive. The aim of the present study […]

Farmer–herder conflicts, pastoral marginalisation and corruption (T.A. Benjaminsen & B. Ba)

Author(s) Tor A Benjaminsen and Boubacar Ba Keywords Mali , farmer–herder conflicts, political ecology, rent seeking, corruption Abstract This study aims to explain a farmer–herder conflict in the inland Niger delta of Mali. We focus on the interests and motivations of the actors involved in the conflict and the rent seeking of the local administration […]

The Abyei arbitration: a model procedure for intra-state dispute settlement in resource-rich conflict areas?

Author(s) Freya Baetens and Rumiana Yotova Keywords International law, Arbitral proceedings, Boundary disputes, International arbitration, Permanent Court of Arbitration, Sudan Abstract Considers why the parties in Re an Arbitration Before a Tribunal Constituted in Accordance with Article 5 of the Arbitration Agreement Between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement opted for […]