Global justice: From theory to development action (T. Papaioannou et el)

Author(s) Theo Papaioannou, Helen Yanacopulos and Zuhre Aksoy Keywords Development; environmental sustainability; global justice; international action; poverty reduction; vulnerability; human rights. Abstract One of the new forces likely to influence the future of global change and re-shape development agendas is the growing theory and practice of global justice. The latter is founded upon the moral […]

Are we adapting to climate change? (L.Berrang-Ford, et al)

Author(s) Lea Berrang-Ford, James D. Ford and Jaclyn Paterson (McGill University) Keywords Climate change; Global adaptation; Systematic review; Indicators; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC Abstract Human systems will have to adapt to climate change. Understanding of the magnitude of the adaptation challenge at a global scale, however, is incomplete, constrained by a limited understanding […]

Standing and global warming: is injury to all injury to none? (M. Bradford)

Author Mank Bradford Keywords Global warming; access to justice; standing (locus standi); environmental law Abstract Since global warming potentially affects everyone in the world, does any individual have standing to sue the U.S. EPA or other federal agencies to force them to address climate change issues? Suits addressing global warming raise difficult standing questions because […]

Tackling Climate Change at the Local Level: Constitutional Challenges … (M. O’Brien and S. Fathi)

Author(s) Mike O’Brien and Sahar Fathi Keywords GHG emissions; Building sector, Legislation Abstract This article discusses Seattle’s attempts to reduce GHG emissions from the building sector, analyzing the potential application of Utility Bill Financing and PACE programs. The article next analyzes the constitutional hurdles that threaten to impede energy efficiency financing, looking in particular at […]

Forests, climate change and human rights: managing risks and trade-offs (F. Seymour)

Author Frances Seymour Keywords Tropical deforestation, international agenda, human rights, climate change, forest governance, mitigation of forest-based emissions, procedural rights, Aarhus Convention, justice and equity, risks, trade-offs Abstract Following the decline over the years of interest relating to tropical deforestation, that was highlighted at the Rio Conference in 1992 (UNCEC), in recent years it has […]