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BLOG: Climate Change and the Expansion of Airports in Court: are there any arguments at all?

A few Remarks on Unsuccessful Cases against Airport Expansions in Europe Author: Eva Balounová In recent years, national courts in Europe have dismissed climate change arguments against the expansion of airports in London, Vienna, and Prague. What were the reasons for the courts’ decisions and is there any room for future successful lawsuits? In this […]

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ADPF708 / Climate Fund. What to expect from Brazil’s first public hearing on climate policy?

Maria Antonia Tigre & Alex Goodman This week, on September 21 and 22, 2020, the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court (STF) will hold the country’s first public hearing on environmental and climate policy. The hearing, on Case ADPF 708 (previously ADO60), has the goal of producing an official report on the state of Brazil’s environmental policy. In calling […]

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A Breathtaking View of the Kidron Valley 

by Richard Laster[1] & Dan Livney[2] “Jerusalem: A port city, on the edge of eternity”.[3] When Yehuda Amichai wrote these lines, he did not envision Jerusalem as a “port city” overlooking twenty-five million cubic meters of raw sewage in the Kidron Valley. [4] But that is how the citizens of Jerusalem view the Palestinian Authority, […]

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Climate Change in the Anthropocene

GNHRE Europe held a workshop on Climate Justice in the Anthropocene on 2-3 May 2019 at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati, Spain. The workshop was conceived, initiated and coordinated by Sam Adelman and Luis Kotze, and attended by several GNHRE members. Over two days, participants from all over the world […]

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Urgenda Climate Change Judgment Survives Appeal in the Netherlands

By Jonathan Verschuuren This blog post was originally published on the Tilburg University Environmental Law Blog Today, the Higher Court in the Dutch city of The Hague rendered its judgement in the Urgenda case. As explained here, in 2015, the District Court decided that the Dutch State acted negligently and therefore unlawfully towards the environmental NGO […]