The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights (J. Burley)

Editor Justine Burley ( University of Manchester, UK) Keywords Human cloning, Dolly, genetic information, health, public policy, eugenics, genetic manipulation, Africa, genetic engineering, human rights, biological control Abstract Are eugenics practices morally defensible? Who should have access to genetic information about particular individuals? What dangers for cultural and racial diversity do developments in genetics pose? […]

Global Catastrophic Risks (N. Borstrom and M.M. Cirkovic)

Editor(s) Nick Bostrom ( Oxford University , UK ) Milan M. Cirkovic (Astonomical Observatory, Belgrade ) Keywords Evolution theory, humanity, catastrophes, insurance, public policy, environmental hazards, climate change, global risk, pandemics, threat of nuclear war, nuclear terrorism, biotechnology, biosecurity, nanotechnology Abstract Chapters from leading experts and thinkers covering some of the biggest risks facing the […]

Genetically Modified Organisms and Justice (C.G. Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez ( Seattle University , USA ) Keywords WTO, environmental justice, trade policy, international law, trade law, environmental law, development law, food security, genetically modified organisms, agricultural law, humanrights law, SPS Agreement, biosafety Abstract In September 2006, a WTO dispute settlement panel issued its long-awaited decision in favor of the United States […]

European networks in the regulation of biotechnologies (A. Spina).

Author Alessandro Spina. Keywords Accountability; Administrative decision-making; Authorisations; Biotechnology; Crops; EU law; Food safety; Genetically modified organisms; Pharmaceuticals; Regulation; human health, human rights; environmental risk assessment; environmental protection. Abstract Discusses the increase in transnational regulatory networks, with particular reference to the regulation of biotechnology in the EU. Considers the regulatory frameworks for the release of […]