Works in progress: new technologies and the ECHR (T. Murphy & G.O. Cuinn)

Author(s) Therese Murphy and Gearoid O. Cuinn Keywords Biotechnology; Human rights; Information technology Abstract A field–new technologies and human rights or, more broadly, law and technology–is in the process of being framed. Should the European Court of Human Rights be seen as part of that process? To find out, we searched the Court’s case law […]

GMO, regulation & free trade: a saga for our times (M. Stallworthy)

Author Mark Stallworthy Keywords Food; Environment; International trade; Science;EC law; Food safety; Genetically modified organisms; Precautionary principle; Risk management; United States Abstract Examines genetically modified food policies in the UK and EU focusing on the management of risk and the precautionary principle. Considers the likelihood of trade pressures from biotechnology companies and from the US […]

The health regulation of biotech foods under the WTO agreements (N. Covelli and V. Hohots)

Author(s) Nick Covelli and Viktor Hohots Keywords International trade;Environment; Health; Science; Biotechnology; Genetically modified organisms; International trade; Precautionary principle; Public health; World Health Organisation; World Trade Organisation Abstract Considers how World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreements concerning the protection of human health may be used in the regulation of genetically modified food. Examines: (1) the basic […]

A human rights perspective…citizen participation…EU’s…new technologies (M.L. Flear and A. Vakulenko)

Author(s) Mark L. Flear and Anastasia Vakulenko Keywords Biotechnology; EU law; Human rights; Information technology; Public participation Abstract This article considers the EU’s approach to citizen participation in the governance of new technologies from a human rights perspective. Noting that there is a dearth of insight on the interplay between citizen participation and human rights, […]

Could human rights supersede bioethics? (Richard E. Ashcroft)

Author Richard E. Ashcroft Keywords Biotechnology; Ethics; Human rights; Medicine Abstract Bioethics and human rights are now well-established sets of norms, practices, institutions and methods for regulating the life sciences and medicine in the public sphere. Recent scholarship, and to some extent states’ practice, in the governance of the life sciences and medicine have suggested […]