The regulatory challenge of animal cloning for food – the risks of risk regulation in the European Union (M. Weimer)

Author Maria Weimer Keywords Food, European Union, Science, Cloning, EU law, Ethics, Food, Genetically modified organisms, Regulation, Risk;, Scientific uncertainty, United States Abstract Examines the debate in the EU on the appropriate regulatory response to the marketing of food produced from cloned animals, a practice on the verge of commercialisation in the global food market, […]

Preventing the Misuse of Biology: Lessons from the Oversight of Smallpox Virus Research (J.B. Tucker)

Author Jonathan B. Tucker Keywords Life sciences, risk, misuse, biological weapons, live smallpox virus, policy, dual-use research, governance Abstract Certain basic research findings in the life sciences have the potential for misuse by states or sophisticated terrorist organizations seeking to develop more lethal or effective biological weapons. The recognition of this problem has led to […]

Biosecurity Reconsidered: Calibrating Biological Threats and Responses (G.D. Koblentz)

Author Gregory D. Koblentz Keywords Security, biological threats, biosecurity, risks, research, prevent, response Abstract Advances in science and technology, the rise of globalization, the emergence of new diseases, and the changing nature of conflict have increased the risks posed by naturally occurring and man-made biological threats. A growing acceptance of a broader definition of security […]

Protect or Plunder? Understanding Intellectual Property Rights (V. Shiva)

Author Vandana Shiva Keywords Intellectual property rights, TRIPS, patents, human creativity, generation of knowledge, transnational corporations, of health, poor, farmers, corporate plunder, WTO, biotech, new technologies Abstract Intellectual property rights, TRIPS, patents – they sound technical, even boring. Yet, as Vandana Shiva shows, what kinds of ideas, technologies, identification of genes, even manipulations of life […]

Works in progress: new technologies & the ECHR (T. Murphy & G.O. Cuinn)

Author(s) Therese Murphy and Gearoid O. Cuinn Keywords Biotechnology; Human rights; Information technology Abstract A field–new technologies and human rights or, more broadly, law and technology–is in the process of being framed. Should the European Court of Human Rights be seen as part of that process? To find out, we searched the Court’s case law […]