Climate Change and Human Rights (A. Sinden)

Author Amy Sinden Keywords Human Rights, Climate Change, Politics Abstract Global warming may well be the most profound moral issue ever to face the human species. Profound moral issues demand a profound response from law, and as we enter the twenty-first century, human rights is (at least at a rhetorical level) the law’s best response […]

The Search for Environmental Rights (J. L. Sax)

Author Joseph L. Sax Keywords environmental rights, fundamental rights, democratic values Abstract For nearly two decades, efforts have been made to formulate an environmental right. Among the most prominent examples are the Stockholm Declaration of 1972′ and, more recently, the statement of principles for environmental protection and sustainable development of the United Nation’s World Commission […]

Is Access to Environmental Information a Fundamental Human Right? (S. Kravchenko)

Author(s) Svitlana Kravchenko Keywords environmental information, human rights, right of access to information, democracy, disclosure, decision-making Abstract Can access to information held by the State be seen as a fundamental right of the individual and a crucial component of democracy? What about access to environmental information? This Article attempts to answer these questions by exploring […]

Which direction for international environmental law? (Anderson)

Author Paul Anderson Keywords Sustainability, governance, neoclassical economics, distributive justice, democracy, commons Abstract An enduring challenge to international environmental law is to facilitate the resolution of environmental problems faster than they are being caused. Prominent among potential foundations for substantive international environmental law to this end are (a) neoclassical economic theory (NET) and (b) distributive […]

Explaining the emergence of constitutional environmental rights: a global quantitative analysis (Gellers)

Author Joshua C Gellers Keywords Constitutions, democracy, environmental rights, human rights, international relations, survival analysis Abstract While the growing trend towards constitutional enactment of environmental rights has mainly been discussed in normative and descriptive terms, few scholars have endeavoured to explain the phenomenon in a systematic fashion and none have approached the subject from the […]