Shelter Projects 2009 (UN-HABITAT)

Author(s) UN-HABITAT/ The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Keywords Post-conflict assessment and reconstruction, Land and Housing, Risk and Disaster Management Abstract By the end of 2009, over 43 million people worldwide had been forcibly displaced due to conflict and persecution. In addition, during 2009, 335 reported natural disasters killed over 10,000 […]

Anchoring Homes, UN-HABITAT’s People’s Process in Aceh & Nias after the Tsunami (UN-HABITAT/UNDP)

Author(s) UN-HABITAT/UNDP Keywords Participation, Natural disasters, Risk, Adaptation, Mitigation Abstract Rebuilding personal and collective confidences through a participatory process takes time, especially amidst the massive personal tragedy of lost loved ones, personal assets and livelihoods. This photo and film documentation is testimony of all that we have all learned during the past two years. As […]

Contaminated land: the latest developments (J. Thornton)

Author Justine Thornton Keywords Appropriate persons, clean-up costs, conditional contracts, consultants, contaminated land, contractual liability, damages, development, ECHR, environmental liability, environmental remediation;, failure to act, indemnities, local authorities’ powers and duties, misrepresentation, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, public nuisance, right to respect for home Abstract Reviews key cases on contaminated land over the last […]

The Corby Group litigation (S. Shergold)

Author Stephen Shergold Keywords Birth defects, Contaminated land, Duty of care, Environmental liability, Foreseeability, Hazardous substances, Land reclamation, Local authorities’ liabilities, Negligence, Public nuisance Abstract Discusses the Technology and Construction Court decision in Corby Group Litigation v CorbyDC on whether the local authority was liable in public nuisance, negligence and for breach of the Environmental […]

Evaluating the source of the risks associated with natural events (C. Murphy & P. Gardoni)

Author(s) Colleen Murphy and Paolo Gardoni Keywords Disasters, Environmental risk, Morals and law, Risk assessment, Environment, Jurisprudence Abstract Discusses why the risks associated with natural disasters should be subjected to further philosophical enquiry. Presents a framework for the moral evaluation of the source of these risks and the actions that sustain or impact upon these […]