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The Core Team

The GNHRE Core Team is the organisational heart of the network – the friendly faces working passionately to ensure that the network produces genuine change, new initiatives, fresh relationships and a better human and environmental future.

Sam Adelman

Regional Director,  Europe

Tim Blackman

Website Manager

Peter Burdon

Deputy Regional Director,  Australia/Pacific

Onita Das


Erin Daly

GNHRE Director

Oliver Fuo

Regional Director,  Africa

Josh Gellers

Emerging Scholars Membership

Carmen Gonzalez

Regional Director,  North America

Evadne Grant

Research Repository

Anna Grear

Founder and GNHRE Director 2008-2016

Hector Herrera

Deputy Regional Director,  Latin America

Louis Kotze

Membership Coordinator and GNHRE Deputy Director 2010-2016

Rosemary Lyster

Regional Director,  Australia/Pacific

Ana Maya Aguirre

Regional Director,  Latin America

Daniel Pallangyo

Deputy Regional Director,  Africa

Ole Pedersen

GNHRE Deputy Director

Sara Seck

Deputy Regional Director,  North America and Membership Coordinator

Dina Lupin Townsend

Community and Member Pages

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our Patrons, Ms Bianca Jagger, Dr Vandana Shiva, Sir Jonathon Porritt, Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Parvez Hassan for their willingness to support the network.

Special thanks to Bristol Centre for Legal Research at Bristol Law School, UWE, for past financial sponsorship of this important project.

Special thanks to Liz Falconer, who gave us our first website in an act of extraordinary generosity.

Special thanks to Tim Blackman, our tireless technical manager, for his commitment to the importance of an idea that his crazy academic colleagues got passionate about over some scribbled notes and a cup of tea—and for making that early vision a reality— often on his own, unpaid time.

Special thanks too to Onita Das for her long hours of research for the Virtual Repository—again, a tremendous contribution to the value of the GNHRE to the wider community.

Special thanks to all our members, linked organisations and networks for their willingness to link efforts around the globe in the search for sustainable, health-giving, enriching, ecologically vibrant futures in which diversity is celebrated and injustice is confronted. Together, we can change thinking and change futures.

We welcome any support to supplement the hard work that the core team members do in order to keep the network as fully serviced as we can.  To support this project financially, or in any other way, please contact Erin Daly at edaly@widener.edu.

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