2023 Summer/Winter School Defenders’ Panel – Conservation, “preservation” and transitions of food systems: From land ownership to food

Seeds and baboon hand by Aviwe Biko

Date and Time: FRIDAY 15 September 2023, 3pm-4.30pm CEST



In this panel, defenders will dicuss the issues of farmers (especially women and youths) in regard to food production through crop farming on the Eastern Cape Coastline. We look at how women have struggled to own land (culturally, in certain parts of Eastern Cape women are prohibited from land ownership despite the legal statute that empowers them to do so), and those that have land still face other many challenges.) The panel examines how these farmers have transitioned from genetical modified crops to organic – through “conserving”,  preserving our nature and Indigenous knowledge (looking at the role of culture)  and transformation through a Just Transition. This panel brings together a group defenders of defenders who are working in the remote areas of coastline of Easter cape and a part of the community.


Buhle Francis – Panel Chair – https://www.ru.ac.za/elrc/ourpeople/staff/buhlefrancis/

Busisiwe Mgangxela – A Farmer activist and community leader- Defender of defenders

Xola Dwane – Youth –Farmer activist and community leader – Defender of defenders

Thabisa Mhlahlo – Spearheading “One woman one hectare of land campaign”leading the women issues and works for Zingiza Educational Project

Aviwe Biko – Is an educational activist based at the Zingiza educational Project and works with women