2023 Summer/Winter School – 432 Hz: A community-led art and science project for ocean conservation

Date and Time: THURSDAY 14 September, 8.30am-9.30am CEST



In this lecture, we will explore the collaboration between art and science through the journey of the 432Hz project. This project serves as an example of how the synergy between these seemingly distinct disciplines can create a powerful platform for raising environmental awareness and driving community action to protect our oceans.

Main Points:

o Interdisciplinary collaboration in fostering a deeper understanding on environmental issues, particularly the challenges faced by our oceans.
o Inspiration from marine life, where the vocalizations of whales and dolphins become a source of creativity for participants to connect with the marine environment on an emotional level.
o Artistic co-creation where the local community engages in artistic workshops through marine soundscape data and visual imagery to develop a performance.
o The presentation of an artistic performance by the community at the local arts center to promote positive change and engage the wider public in environmental conversations.


Andreia Sousa, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c)
Gianna di Toni, Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada (CRPD)
Mónica Reis, Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada (CRPD)

Read more about the panelists here: https://project432hz.webnode.pt/sobre-nos/


Project website and social media: