2023 Summer/Winter School – Transforming ocean conservation and sustainable use: rethinking blue economies in terms of environmental and socio-cultural justice 

Date and Time: WEDNESDAY 13 September 2023, 6pm-7.30pm CEST



Discussion on blue economies often portrays the ocean as the driver of economic growth and a vast space that attracts diverse actors such as shipping companies, deep-sea mining enterprises, and fishing industries. Whilst, blue economies have received significant attention, the social-cultural justice implications of the fast and unchecked development of blue economy activities are often overlooked. As governments, industries, and different international actors around the world engage with the blue economy, the key questions to ask is: what checks and balances are in place to support ocean-based economies, whilst ensuring inclusivity and appropriate stewardship of marine resources for future generations? 

This event will engage panellists and attendees in a discussion on the contentious social-cultural justice issues surfacing as ocean-based economy development expands at scale. The solution-focused event will spotlight the pressing need to integrate transdisciplinary research approaches, process, and innovation as viable routes to sustainable and inclusive blue economies and wider ocean governance. Transdisciplinary research implies working with stakeholders, ocean experts from varied disciplines, and different knowledge holders in the co-design and co-production of solution-oriented research.  

The event will share findings from the One Ocean Hub and partners research to demonstrate trade-offs and inequities that surface as blue economies rapidly scale and develop. During the event our panellists will explore the impacts of blue economy initiatives on Indigenous Peoples and local communities, the conflicts emerging among different ocean stakeholders over marine space and resources, and actions needed to achieve a just, inclusive, and healthy ocean. 


Professor Elisa Morgera, One Ocean Hub and University of Strathclyde, UK.  

Dr Holly Niner, One Ocean Hub and University of Plymouth, UK.  

Taryn Pereira, One Ocean Hub, Coastal Justice Network and Rhodes University, South Africa.

Dr Bolanle Erinosho, One Ocean Hub and University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


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