2023 Summer/Winter School – The emerging notion of just transition litigation

Date and time: 13 September 2023, 4-5.30pm CEST

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This panel will explore the notion of ‘just transition litigation’, described as lawsuits based on the rights and legitimate expectations of those harmed by the transition. Building on their contributing to scholarship in this emerging field, the speakers will reflect on developments in just transition litigation from different regions. Examples will include lawsuits objecting to projects – like hydroelectric dams, biomass power plants, wind farms – or laws and policies of general application– on matters such as land uses or renewable energy generation. The panel will consider the extent to which just transition litigation overlaps with climate litigation, and how these two phenomena intersect and interact to define the path towards net zero emissions.


Joana Setzer (LSE)The notion of Just Transition Litigation

Linnea Nordlander (Copenhagen University)Perspectives from Europe

Kim Bouwer (Durham University)Perspectives from Africa

Maria Antonia Tigre (Columbia University)Perspectives from Latin America

Tiffanie Chan (LSE) Perspectives from Asia

MODERATOR: Annalisa Savaresi (GNHRE)


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