2023 Summer/Winter School – Changing corporate behaviour, and mechanisms for seeking stronger climate change and human rights due diligence systems within businesses

Date and time: TUESDAY 12 September 2023, 8am-9.30am CEST



This session will be a panel discussion exploring the impact of climate litigation on corporate responsibility in the transition of fossil fuel dependent economies, and the right to a healthy environment. In this session the panellists will first discuss the role of shareholder rights in influencing corporate behaviour, including litigation based on shareholder rights, and then look at the role of advocacy in seeking to influence human rights policies.


Prof. Justine Nolan – Director, Australian Human Rights Institute and Professor, Faculty of Law and Justice, UNSW Sydney

Kieran Pender – Senior Lawyer, Human Rights Law Centre

Jessica Holgersson – Senior Associate, Equity Generation Lawyers

Sophia Ferguson – Senior Associate, Equity Generation Lawyers

Fabi Fugazza – Lawyer and Head of Development, Equity Generation Lawyers