GNHRE Blog Symposium on the Escazú Agreement

The Blog Symposium

The GNHRE, through its Latin America regional leadership, welcomes you to our first virtual blog symposium. Through an open call for contributions, we have invited scholars to initiate a discussion on the implementation of the Escazú Agreement.

With a diverse range of contributions, we have been discussing some of the core elements of the agreement, how it compares to the Aarhus Convention, and what challenges lie in its implementation through the institutional framework envisioned by the treaty. We have also looked at some of the debates arising from national implementation, including challenges faced by countries that have yet to ratify the agreement.

We continue to publish blog posts. We invite you to join our conversation and welcome your thoughts and reactions. Please reach out to us at

This symposium was organized and edited by regional director Maria Antonia Tigre, along with the collaboration of several GNHRE members. If you want to learn more about the Escazú Agreement, see our introductory class on the topic here.

Links to the blog posts:

  1. The Six Pillars of the Escazú Agreement (Part 1) by Maria Antonia Tigre
  2. The Six Pillars of the Escazú Agreement (Part 2) by Maria Antonia Tigre
  3. Aarhus and Escazú: The two sides of the Atlantic in the field of public participation in environmental matters by L Lizarazo-Rodriguez and J Texeira de Freitas
  4. Theme and Variations: The Aarhus Convention and Escazú Agreement by Emily Barrit
  5. Implementing the Escazú Agreement: The Need for Rapid Definition of the Committee to Support Implementation and Compliance by Alexandra Harrington
  6. All hands-on deck: Is the Inter-American Human Rights System compatible with the Escazú agreement? by Daniel Noroña
  7. The Escazú Agreement: Human Rights and Environmental Protection in Brazil by Amael Notini Moreira Bahia and Lucas Carlos Lima
  8. Colombia’s reluctance to ratify the Escazú Agreement leaves environmental and human rights defenders unprotected by Natalia Urzola
  9. The Escazú Agreement and the Caribbean Region by Bianca Simons and Lisa Benjamin
  10. No One-Size-Fits-All: Variability as a Substantive Basis for the Equitable and Fair Implementation of the Escazú Agreement by Felix le Roux
  11. The Escazú Agreement: Fostering future environmental cooperation in LAC by Pedro Cisterna Gaete
  12. The Escazú Agreement and the Inter-American Human Rights System: a rich synergy already in action by Gastón Medici-Colombo