Announcements: 2 February 2024

If you would like to have something included in next week’s announcements, please email and include ‘Announcements’ in the email title. We are especially interested in submissions outside of Europe and North America.

Call for Abstracts, Papers, and Submissions:

Lund University – The European Green Deal: Screening for Sustainability (abstracts)
To examine the multi-layered implications of the European Green Deal and its planned transition to decarbonising Europe’s economy, an expert workshop is being organized at Lund University from 29-30 April 2024 under the auspices of the Screening for Sustainability project. The workshop will investigate associated instruments developed in connection to the European Green Deal, including the proposed EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive and other policies and instruments promoting a just transition in and by the EU. In particular, the workshop examines whether these instruments comply with international law. Abstracts should be submitted (of max 500 words) to sustainability {at} by no later than 15 February, 2024. A few stipends will be available to cover travel and accommodation, with an emphasis on early career researchers from the Global South. The full call for papers and more information about the workshop is available here.

International Climate Law Conference 2024 (abstracts)
Theme: Shaping Climate Law: Dynamic Roles of State and Non-State Actors. During this two-day conference in Prague, we aim to explore the different roles of actors in climate law, reflecting on their different nature, forms of engagement, stages, and effects. he conference committee invites abstracts by scholars at all academic stages, including PhD students, to share their research findings, ideally those linked to one of the research themes identified on this page. Abstracts should be 300-500 words with a 100 word biography and be sent by 29 February, 2024. Event dates 30-31 May, 2024. See more here.

Cambridge International Law Journal Blog (blogs)
The Cambridge International Law Journal (‘CILJ’) Blog is actively seeking submissions relating to public international law, private international law, European Union law or comparative law. We invite contributions from related disciplines, including, but not limited to, international investment law, space law, law of the sea, WTO law and international environmental law. Blogs may be submitted at any time, are considered on a rolling basis, and should not exceed 1,500 words. See more here.


Natural Justice (Community Environmental Legal Officer, South Africa)
There has been an increasing demand to support communities in Southern Africa with legal empowerment and legal support to affirm and defend their human and environmental rights. In response, Natural Justice employs Community Environmental Legal Officers (CELOs), a network of paralegals who provide direct support to communities. We are looking for a young professional that is passionate about environmental justice, supporting communities and wanting to make a change towards achieving a healthy planet. Application deadline: 9 February, 2024. See more here.

University of Southampton (Lecturer/Associate Professor, England)
The University of Southampton is looking to appoint a Lecturer/Associate Professor with expertise in any of the following areas: law and sustainability, AI, energy law, biotechnology and law or criminal justice. We seek applicants who have a demonstrable track record of external funding bids and/or candidates who have a demonstrable record of engagement with national/international stakeholders in their relevant field. Application deadline: 22 February, 2024. See more here.


Disaster Recovery and Resilience Conference (in person)
The Disaster Recovery and Resilience Conference explores cross-cutting issues associated with disaster preparedness, recovery, and resilience, catering to law students, entry-level attorneys and experienced professionals. Emphasizing climate change concerns and their impact on vulnerable populations through more intense or more frequent extreme weather such as heatwaves, droughts, hurricanes, and severe rainstorms, the Conference draws on lessons learned from recent disasters in Puerto Rico and beyond, offering insights applicable on a national and international scale to enhance recovery and resilience efforts. Date: 8-9 February, 2024 at University of Puerto Rico Law School. See more here.

Climate Change Litigation in the EU (online)
This keynote address delves into the evolving landscape of climate litigation in Europe, focusing on the challenges when holding States and corporate actors accountable for their failure to address dangerous climate change. The keynote will examine recent developments that underscore the complexities encountered in pursuing climate-related claims before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. Date: 9 February, 2024 at 9:00AM CET. See more here.

Lawsuits for the future: how can litigation help ensure a liveable climate for future generations? (online and in person)
This talk will reflect on the booming field of climate change litigation where States and corporations are increasingly held accountable for compromising the life opportunities of future generations through their ineffective climate action. These proceedings differ in their legal basis, the parties involved, the remedy claimed, and the courts where such actions are pursued at national and international levels. However, they also share some fundamental similarities, which will be the focus of this presentation. Date: 16 February, 2024 at 3:30PM CET – Central European University, Vienna Campus. See more here.

New Publications/Releases:

ArticleAt the frontlines of implementing the right to a healthy environment: Understanding human rights and environmental due diligence in relation to armed conflicts, Amanda Kron; International Review of the Red Cross. Read here.

Article: Torres Strait Islanders Leading the Charge on the Human Rights Implications of Climate Change: Daniel Billy et al v Australia, Fiona McGaughey, Amy Maguire, and Sasha Purcell; University of Western Australia Law Review. Read here.

Blog: Oil firms forced to consider full climate effects of new drilling, following landmark Norwegian court ruling, Daria Shapovalova; The Conversation. Read here.

Discussion Paper: Draft Escazu Agreement Regional Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders in Environmental Matters; Glawcal Lab at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and GNHRE. Read here.

News Article: Tribal Nations Designate First US Indigenous Marine Stewardship Area, Jos Hill and Bobby Hayden; Pew Trusts. Read here.