Announcements: 12 January 2024

If you would like to have something included in next week’s announcements, please email and include ‘Announcements’ in the email title. We are especially interested in submissions outside of Europe and North America.

Call for Abstracts, Papers, and Submissions:

Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal (abstracts)
As the most recent developments in the law of the sea show, more than forty years after the conclusion of UNCLOS, the nexus between law, science and technology still lies at the heart of its implementation, evolution and progressive development. Particularly, rapid scientific advancements in our understanding of the seas and ocean require continuous rethinking of the interpretation and application of long established and new legal paradigms and policy approaches. 300 word abstracts with the theme ‘Law and Science in Ocean and Maritime Affairs’ should be submitted by 18 February, 2024. See more here.

University of Copenhagen (abstracts)
The Centre for Climate Change Law and Governance welcomes proposals for paper presentations for the conference ‘International law-making: Actors in shipping and climate change’, which will take place 27-28 May 2024 at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law and online. Abstracts should be sent by 15 March, 2024. See more here.


World Wildlife Fund (Head of Policy & Advocacy)
We are now in a race to restore the natural world and prevent catastrophic climate change before it’s too late. And it’s a race we can still win. With your expertise and leadership. At WWF Scotland we are seeking someone with a passion for our mission to see people and nature thrive to join us as Head of Policy and Advocacy and lead our policy and advocacy strategies in Scotland. Application deadline: 28 January, 2024. See more here.

Dejusticia (3 month to 1 year fellowships)
Global North Fellowship: If you are passionate about working for human rights, want to gain experience in this field, and be part of a collaborative and creative team consisting of academic-activists from Colombia and other parts of the world, apply for one of the positions in our international fellowships program for the Global North for the second semester of 2024. Deadline: 31 January, 2024.

Global South Fellowship: If you belong to an organization working for the defense of human rights in the Global South and, due to your advocacy, communication, and research activities, have been subjected to high risks or repression by the government and other actors, this opportunity is for you. Dejusticia has created an international fellowships program in solidarity with the human rights movement that allows you to continue your human rights work in a safe space. Deadline: 31 January, 2024.

University of Cambridge (Assistant Professorship)
Applications are invited for an Assistant Professor of Environmental Law within the Department of Land Economy. The Department is particularly interested in candidates who work on the relationship between the environment and private law (e.g. torts, company law) in domestic legal systems and at European level. Application deadline: 4 February, 2024. See more here.


COP28: what went well, what went badly and what comes next? (online)
During this webinar, members of the University of Leeds delegation will explore the outcomes of COP28 and discuss how to build upon them as a research community and beyond. We will then look towards COP29 and examine what needs to happen to ensure continued and ambitious progress on addressing climate change. Date: 24 January, 2024. See more here.

New Publications/Releases:

Article: Transnational governance standards in ensuring sustainable development and operation of hydropower projects in transboundary basins, Owen McIntyre; Frontiers in Climate. Read here.

Book: Current Challenges of Environmental Philosophy, edited by Richard St’ahel and Eva Dědečková; Brill. Access here.

News: 2023 smashes record for world’s hottest year by huge margin, Damian Carrington; The Guardian. Read here.

News: Ireland Could Become the Next Nation to Recognize the Rights of Nature and a Human Right to a Clean Environment, Katie Surma; Inside Climate News. Read here.

Report: Feminist climate justice: A framework for action, UN Women. Read here.

Report: A Review of Media Coverage of Climate Change and Global Warming in 2023, Media and Climate Change Observatory. Read here.