Our GNHRE member Paul Harpreeti, the Dr David Mond (Department of Mathematics) and Rachel Wilkerson (Department of Statistics) at the University of Warwick organizing an event on Monday 21 Sept (10am-3pm) BST (Warwick time) on Climate Change, Attribution Science and the Law.

This is an interdisciplinary effort across mathematics, law, policy, and climate science to deepen our understanding of the differences between legal and scientific standards of climate attribution, and to influence policy aiming to repair current climate change harms and ratchet-up climate mitigation and adaptation efforts to be more ambitious to avoid deepening impacts into the future.

Further information (including about our speakers) is available here and participants can register here. (

Articles related:

Sophie Marjanac & Lindene Patton (2018) Extreme weather event attribution science and climate change litigation: an essential step in the causal chain?, Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law, 36:3, 265-298, DOI: 10.1080/02646811.2018.1451020

Available here: