Implementing the Paris Agreement – A special issue of Climate Law

A special issue of Climate Law co-edited by Annalisa Savaresi and Joanne Scott  has just been published, on the theme  ‘Implementing the Paris Agreement: Lessons from the Global Human Rights Regime’. The volume features contributions by John Knox, Lavanya Rajamani, Sebastien Duyck, Margaretha Wewerinke, Juan Auz and Annalisa Savaresi. The special issue collects selected papers from a workshop entitled ‘Implementing the Paris Agreement: Comparative Lessons from the Global Human Rights Regime’, organized by the authors in collaboration with Tom Pegram and Gita Parihar, and held on 11-12 May 2018. The workshop was hosted by the Academy of European Law at the European University Institute. The idea behind both the workshop and the special issue is to look at the use of instruments, procedures, and processes developed for human rights governance at the international, regional, and national levels, as a way of supporting climate governance. The aim is to assess pathways to implementing the Paris Agreement drawing on lessons from, and using tools developed in the context of, human rights governance.

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The article by Annalisa Savaresi and Juan Auz is also available for download free of charge from SSRN:

Feature Image: Anna Grear