Carbon Majors inquiry – London hearings and student competition

The London hearings of the Carbon Majors inquiry will take place this week at the London School of Economics.

Joana Setzer and Annalisa Savaresi have written a short blog post on what to expect from the hearings. The blog includes information on how to follow the live webcast. You can access the blog here:

The hearings will conclude on Thursday 8th November with a public debate, where Commissioner Cadiz, Luke Harrington, Kristin Casper, Joana Setzer, Stephen Humphreys and I will reflect on the theme of ‘Human Rights and Climate Change’. You can find the details on how to attend here:

A recording of the event will be available here:

At the event,  a student competition to support the drafting of the Philippines Human Rights Commission’s recommendations will be launched. The competition is supported by the Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change in the Philippines, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the University of Stirling. Details of the competition are available here: