Human Rights, the Environment and the Tehran Declaration (J. Blake and B. Boer)


Janet Blake and Ben Boer


human rights and environment nexus, Tehran Declaration, law, policy, development, environmental protection


The International Conference on Human Rights and the Environment took place in Tehran in May 2009, and was attended by around 150 participants, including 10 international speakers. Iran was an appropriate setting for this conference for a number of reasons. It is the home of the Proclamation of Tehran (1968) that set out fundamental principles in the field of human rights, and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance for Wildfowl (1971), one of the earliest truly global conservation conventions. It is fitting also to recall the International Conference on Environment, Peace and the Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures 2 which produced the Tehran Communiqué, later transmitted by President Khatami to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as an input to the Millennium Review Summit in New York
in September 2005. Building on these, the 2009 con­ference resulted in a further document, entitled the Tehran Declaration on Human Rights and the Environment.


(2009) 39 Environmental Policy and Law 302.


Human Rights, the Environment and the Tehran Declaration