Choosing a Future: Social and Legal Aspects of Climate Change (A. Grear and C. Gearty)


Anna Grear and Conor Gearty


Choosing a future, human rights, environment, rights of future generations, climate justice, climate injustice, policy makers, law and society


Climate change is far more than a problem of measures of carbon dioxide, methane and the production of pollutants. It signals an urgent crisis of human hierarchy and a crisis of self-understanding. Climate change calls out for new ways of looking, hearing and acting in the world. It calls out for a justice embracing the whole of the vulnerable living order. It calls out for a transformation – in response – of human society and of law itself. This collection offers one unique strand of a far wider search. It points unerringly towards the need, now, to choose between futures.


(2014) 0 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 1-7


Choosing a Future: The Social and Legal Aspects of Climate Change