Iraq: Water, Water Nowhere (M. Chulov)


Martin Chulov


Drought, Iraq , dry river beds, salt flats, water, dams, river diversion, war, water management, migration


The Guardian’s Baghdad correspondent, Martin Chulov, brings to life Iraq’s latest plague: drought. In southern Iraq, once the lavishly, fabled Garden of Eden, Chulov walks the dry river beds and salt flats that were the cradle of civilization. Iraq’s water troubles are manifold: dams and diversions by upstream neighbors choke supply; severe shortages leave many tributaries of the mighty Tigris and EuphratesRivers at a mere trickle; and years of war and turmoil have weakened the ability of the nation’s leaders to effectively manage water resources. Millions of Iraqis have already been forced to leave their homes and fields in search of opportunities elsewhere. Unless the government can develop the nation’s oil resources and shore up new industries, an even harsher future awaits those who have already withstood so much.


(2009/2010) 26 World Policy Journal 33-40


Iraq : Water, Water Nowhere