Contaminated land: the latest developments (J. Thornton)


Justine Thornton


Appropriate persons, clean-up costs, conditional contracts, consultants, contaminated land, contractual liability, damages, development, ECHR, environmental liability, environmental remediation;, failure to act, indemnities, local authorities’ powers and duties, misrepresentation, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, public nuisance, right to respect for home


Reviews key cases on contaminated land over the last few years, including the clean-up liability of successor companies, knowing permitter liability and property developers, local authority failure to act to avoid harm, environmental consultants and liability insurance, public liability insurance and the extent of environmental cover, contamination and conditional contracts, corporate transactions and triggers under environmental indemnities, and public nuisance and damages for contaminated land.


(2009) 1 Journal of Planning and Environmental Law, 8-23.


Contaminated land: the latest developments