Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development (W. Sachs)


Wolfgang Sachs,


Archaeology of the Development Idea, Global Ecology, Shadow of Development, Gospel of Global Efficiency, Environment and Development, Sustainable Development, Blue Planet, Globalisation, Sustainability, Ecology, Justice, Eco-Efficiency, Politics


Wolfgang Sachs is one of the most thoughtful intellectuals to deal with the dual crisis in the Western world‘s relations with nature and social justice.

Author, public speaker, and intellectual engagé, his work has been translated into numerous languages and has appeared in books, journals and magazines all over the world. Here for the first time, his most seminal writings are brought together in a single volume, including his classic intervention ‘The Archaeology of the Development Idea‘. In this book readers – be they concerned citizens, environmentalists, development specialists or cultural historians – will find trenchant and elegant explorations of some of the foremost issues the world faces at the beginning of the new century:-

· Efficiency – the mantra of our times
· Globalization – a market inevitability and the juggernaut of history?
· Sustainability – oxymoron as rhetoric
· Development – the 20th century‘s great undelivered promise
· Limits – a new principle for the coming century.


Wolfgang Sachs, Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development (Zed Books, 2006)


Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development