Liberal Theory, Human Rights and Water-Justice: Back to Square One? (R. D’Souza)


Radha D’Souza


Right to water, Human Rights, Global Justice Movements, Globalisation, Liberal Theory, Left ideology


In the wake of the Fukuyama’s ‘end of history’: liberal theory’s triumph over its soviet/communist other, and the subsequent march of ‘globalisation’ and the ascendancy of neo-liberal ideology, this article interrogates the theoretical developments on the ‘Left’, the academic and activist led critiques of liberal triumphalism, by analysing the demands for recognition of water rights as human rights particularly in regard to the Global Justice Movements that arose from disenchantment with globalisation and with neo-liberal ideology. In the context of water-justice and human rights, the article investigates the substantial underpinnings of both liberal theory and the languages of the ‘Left’ tradition in regard to the development of the human right to water to reveal the shared foundations that divorce them both from the geo-historical terrain of emancipatory politics today.


(2008) Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal / University of Westminster School od Law Research Paper No. 09-10


Liberal Theory, HumanRights and Water-Justice: Back to Square One?