From Berlin to Bali and beyond: killing Kyoto softly? (L. Rajamani)


Lavanya Rajamani


Environment;International law; Climate change; International environmental law


Outlines the evolution of the international climate change law regime, and considers how the controversial nature of its conceptual premises may have contributed to certain states’ failure to ratify the Protocol to the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change 1997 (Kyoto Protocol), principally the US. Discusses the operational significance of the Conference of Parties in the development of the regime, and analyses the language and structure of its Bali Action Plan of 2008 to assess how it offers the opportunity to jettison the more contentious Kyoto Protocol premises.


(2008) 57(4) International & Comparative Law Quarterly 909-939


From Berlin to Bali and beyond: killing Kyoto softly?