Sowing Wild Law (C. Cullinan).


Cormac Cullinan


‘Earth jurisprudence, wild law, compatibility with economic prosperity, reformation of human governance systems.


This article explains briefly what is meant by the terms ‘Earth jurisprudence’ and ‘wild law’. Its focus is addressing two questions that were possed by Michael Meacher MP in his capacity as chairperson of the first UKELA Wild Law Conference held in 2005. The first question is ‘how are forces to be mobilised to get the ideas (contained in Wild Law: a manifeto for Earth Justice (2003)) onto the worldwide public agenda’; secondly, ‘how are the principles in ‘Wild Law’ compatible with the almost universal aspiration across the world for economic prosperity? Cullinan believes that in answer to the later that we have been ‘conned into believing economic prosperity is an acceptable proxy for what we really want’ and proposes that people, worldwide, would prefer to live in a healthy environment and as a consequence lead better, more fulfilling lives and to have the ‘opportunity to evolve as an integral part of the Earth community’. Cullinan argues that effects of climate change are exposing the inadequacies of current laws and political systems which is in turn is providing a ‘fertile ground to sow ideas of Earth jurisprudence’ that has the potential to reach a point of critical mass taht will change the general perspective of how people view and protect their environment.


(2007) 19(2) Environmental Law and Management 71.


Sowing wild law