How wild did it get? (B. Filgueira)


Begonia Filgueira


Wild law; environmental jurisprudence and law; governance of environmental law; global warming; climate change; anthropocentrism; the ‘Great Jurisprudence’; ‘Earth Jurisprudence’; legal philosopy; nature conservation legislation.


This paper was the speech that linked the speeches of Warren and Lee at the UKELA conference ‘Wild Law’ that was based on Cormac Cullinan’s book ‘Wild law: a manifesto for Earth justice’. Filgueria recognises the environmental consequences that are apparent from the relentless human destruction of the aspects of life which humans and all other species rely upon for survival. Although she does not fully advocate Cullinan’s contentions she welcomes the chance to debate the need for a change in environmental jurisprudence and law; she acknowledges, whether you agree with Cullinan’s theories or not, he has succeeded in opening the debate and showing that changes in value will ensure changes in the law.


(2006) 18(1) Environmental Law and Management, 24-27.


How wild did it get?