Interest Group Competition & the Alaska Native Land Claims… (J.R. Boyce & M.A.N. Nilsson)


John R. Boyce and Mats A.N. Nilson


Competition, Native land claims, development interests, oil companies, Alaska , environmentalists, Department of Interior, voting, conservation, clear objectives, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act


This article examines the competition among three main sets of interest groups during the struggle to resolve the Native land claims issue: the Natives, the development interests (oil companies and the state of Alaska ) and conservation interests (environmentalists and the Department of Interior). We examine the history of the Native land claims struggle as it was waged in the courts and in Congress, paying particular attention to the behavior of the various interest groups as they competed against one another. We also conduct an analysis of the voting behavior in the United States House of Representatives, where roll call voting data is available for votes on amendments in which the conservation and development interests had clear objectives. From both the historical and econometric voting analysis, we found that environmentalists and the oil industry significantly affected the final form of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.


(1999) 39 Natural Resources Journal 819


Interest Group Competition and the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act