The Great Melt: The Coming Transformation of the Arctic (A. Anderson)


Alun Anderson


Climate change, effects, polar ice cap melt, politics, Artic wasteland, petroleum, Artic sea lanes, border disputes, rights to resources, seabed, changing ecosystem


In a sobering look at the effects of climate change, New Scientist magazine’s former editor-in-chief Alun Andersontakes a peek at what the now-unstoppable massive polar ice cap melt will mean for politics at the top of the world. In what has been described as the largest unexplored area for petroleum on earth, the gradual opening of Arctic sea lanes has touched off more mapping expeditions in the last five years than the previous fifty. Disputes over borders and rights to resources underneath the seabed are almost certain to flare, and in an ominous forecast, Anderson warns that if countries fail to take steps to preserve the pole’s changing ecosystem, we could end up with an Arctic wasteland at the top of our planet.


(2009/2010) 26 World Policy Journal 53-64


The Great Melt: The Coming Transformation of the Arctic