A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice, and the Environmental Challenge (R. Engelman)


Robert Engelman, Judith Bruce, Adrienne Germain, James Speth, Frances Kissling, Sandra Postel, Laurie Mazur


Population, Migration, Environment, Urban Millennium, Climate Change, Adapting to Climate Change, Reproductive Health, Ecosystem Services, Human Well-Being, Environmental Degradation, Environmental Justice, Global Food Crisis, Water Crisis, Carbon Footprint, Consumption


Through a series of essays by leading demographers, environmentalists and reproductive health advocates, A Pivotal Moment offers a new perspective on the complex connection between population dynamics and environmental quality. It presents the latest research on the relationship between population growth and climate change, ecosystem health and other environmental issues. It surveys the new demographic landscape—in which population growth rates have fallen, but human numbers continue to increase. It looks back at the lessons learned from half a century of population policy—and forward to propose twenty-first century population policies that are sustainable and just.

A Pivotal Moment puts forth the concept of “population justice,” which is inspired by reproductive justice and environmental justice movements. Population justice holds that inequality is a root cause of both rapid population growth and environmental degradation. As the authors in this volume explain, to slow population growth and build a sustainable future, women and men need access to voluntary family planning and other reproductive health services. They need education and employment opportunities, especially for women. Population justice means tackling the deep inequities—both gender and economic—that are associated with rapid population growth and unsustainable resource consumption. Where family planning is available, where couples are confident their children will survive, where girls go to school, where young men and women have economic opportunity—there couples will have healthier and smaller families.


Robert Engelman, et al, A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice, and the Environmental Challenge (Island Press, 2009)


A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice, and the Environmental Challenge