Trauma, Law, and Advocacy for Animals (T.L. Bryant)


Taimie L. Bryant (University of California , Los Angeles (UCLA), USA)


Animal rights activists, post-traumatic stress disorder, animal protection


The intent of this article is to examine the issue of trauma among animal advocates and ways of addressing the problems that arise in this context. The discussion will include background on the development of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and general theories related to treatment of healing of this trauma. I will also consider a number of specific conditions in contemporary society that contribute to the trauma faced by advocates for animals. Next, I will look at the negative impact on animals and their advocates of the few laws that exist to protect animal welfare. Finally, I will consider activities in which all animal advocates can engage, and in which legal advocates foranimals, in particular, can become involved. I propose that some forms of legal advocacy will advance the cause of animal protection, and, at the same time, aid in the healing of traumatic exposure to animal suffering.


(2006) 1 Journal of Animal Law & Ethics 63


Trauma, Law, and Advocacy for Animals