Agribusiness and Society: Corporate Responses to Environmentalism… (K. Jansen and S. Vellama)


Kees Jansen and Sietze Vellema


Agribusiness, Environmentalism, Politics, Technology Innovation, Regulation, Reconciling Shareholders, Stakeholders, and Managers, Sustainable Development, Financial Constraints, Public Acceptance GM Tomato, Corporate Greening, Antipodean Agriculture, Organics and Green Production, California, Regulating Corporate Agribusiness, Public Sector, Institutionalizing Environmentalism, Self-Regulation, Fruit Corporations, DBCP Pesticide Cases, Access to Justice, Global Economy, Business, Biotechnology, GM Crops, Social Struggles, Regulation of Transgenic Crops, Brazil, Private versus Public, Agenda Setting, International Agro-technologies


Agribusiness and Society examines in detail how far agribusiness corporations are responding to emerging environmental awareness. The book investigates particular biotech and other agribusiness companies – including Monsanto, Ciba Geigy, Dole, and Chiquita – and their behaviour around the world. Some have responded to environmental pressures by exploiting new markets (notably, for organic produce); some have changed their production practices; others have complied with (or resisted) state environmental regulation. Each study explores in detail how institutional, cultural, economic, political and technological contexts shape the strategies of big business. Topics include ‘green bananas‘, genetically modified tomatoes and soya, the new markets in organic produce, health and pesticides, and access to justice.

The book explains why some corporations successfully introduce environmentally friendly innovations and others do not, and examinines the interaction between internal corporate environments driven by profit and efficiency, and external environments where consumer preferences, NGO pressures and government regulation are important. The book also explores possible new roles for the public sector. The result is a sophisticated and critical analysis of business practices and regulatory systems in the agro-food sector.


Kees Jansen and Sietze Vellema (eds), Agribusiness and Society: Corporate Responses to Environmentalism, Market Opportunities and Public Regulation (Zed Books, 2004)


Agribusiness and Society: Corporate Responses to Environmentalism, Market Opportunities and Public Regulation