GNHRE Book Series

New GNHRE/JHRE Book Series ‘Critical Reflections on Human Rights and the Environment’

GNHRE is delighted to announce that Edward Elgar Publishing and the GNHRE will be working on a new GNHRE/JHRE book series, ‘Critical Reflections on Human Rights and the Environment’.

This timely and provocative series will consist of relatively short (70,000 – 100,000 word) monographs on themes related to the field of human rights and the environment – delivering a set of critical, engaging reflections written by leading scholars and thinkers and aimed at taking no assumption for granted, while offering imaginative new approaches to the subjects under review.

Suggestions for themes are invited.  Indicative examples of subjects/titles include: interrogating ecoysystem services; interrogating sustainable development; interrogating rights-based approaches; interrogating epistemologies; interrogating multilevel governance, interrogating ‘the environmental’, interrogating vulnerability – and the like.

Please send initial suggestions for titles in the series to

Forthcoming in this series:


Mary Warnock, Interrogating Property

Janet Dine, Interrogating Growth


Law, Justice and Ecology (A Routledge/Glasshouse Series): Submissions Invited

In an age of climate change, scarcity of resources, and the deployment of new technologies that put into question the very idea of the ‘natural’, this book series offers a cross-disciplinary, novel engagement with the connections between law and ecology. The fundamental challenge taken up by the series concerns the pressing need to interrogate and to re-imagine prevailing conceptions of legal responsibility, legal community and legal subjectivity, by embracing the wider recognition that human existence is materially embedded in living systems and shared with multiple networks of non-humans.

Encouraging cross-disciplinary engagement and reflection upon relevant empirical, policy and theoretical issues, the series pursues a thoroughgoing, radical and timely exploration of the multiple relationships between law, justice and ecology.

Published in this series:


Michelle Maloney and Peter Burdon (eds), Wild Law – In Practice

Peter Burdon, Earth Jurisprudence: Private Property and the Environment.

Yoriko Otomo and Edward Mussawir (eds),  Law and the Question of the Animal: A Critical Jurisprudence

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (ed), Law and Ecology: New Environmental Foundations

To submit a proposal, please contact Anna Grear: