Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

(Photo: Anita Hummel)

The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment is the only scholarly journal in the world currently dedicated to the important interface between human rights and the environment.  Since its first edition in 2010, the Journal has been praised for the intellectual quality of its articles, as well as for its timeliness and innovation.  The quality of the editorial board is outstanding, and many of the contributors are world-leading scholars in their field.  The journal was officially launched, along with the GNHRE, by Professor Philippe Sands QC on 29 June 2010.  Here (below) you can find links to the various editions of the journal and free access to each journal editorial.

‘I do not know of any journal in existence that fuses these issues. . . Literature on this issue is growing by the day and scholars frequently have to revert to less issue-specific journals to publish these findings. The journal. . . will provide an ideal opportunity to disseminate research findings. – Louis Kotze, North West University, South Africa

Environmental and human rights issues are two of the most pressing concerns of the 21st century, and so, therefore, is the way in which these issues interact. This journal will be a timely and vital addition to the international legal literature. – Sarah Joseph, Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University, Australia

We have waited a long time for a journal like this. These two essential areas of concern, human rights and the environment, urgently need bringing together in this way. Only when the interface between them is fully acknowledged and clarified can we address the grave issues currently facing the world – from climate change to the impacts of globalisation. – Laura Westra, University of Windsor, Canada

The relationship between human rights and the environment is a fascinating, uneasy, and increasingly urgent one. This international journal provides a strategic academic forum in which an extended interdisciplinary and multilayered conversation can take place concerning the challenges located at the interface of these two centrally important fields.